“Getting Started With Traveling”

“Getting Started With Traveling”

For centuries, philosophers, writers, poets, religious leaders, and others have described life as a journey, a path on which we all travel on our way through time.

So begins this self-help book, one that is like no other written with the help of mental health experts. It is unlike most self-help books because it does not describe, discuss, or provide solutions for a specific disorder. It isn’t about anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD, or OCD. Rather, it is a blueprint designed to help you navigate your journey from birth to the end of the trail.

Those most developmentally successful people have learned how to overcome obstacles with the help of psychiatric counselors. They learned to manage emotions and moods, carry only what is useful, grieve, and transition from one developmental stage to the next.

Expert mental health provider explains that you have probably been provided a certain amount of information regarding how to travel the path successfully from parents, life experience, and fellow travelers. But that information may be spotty and less coherent than is optimal.

The purpose of this book is to help you as a mental health professional, provide cohesion, and fill in informational gaps so that you can develop optimally and maximally. It is a guide to good psychological and spiritual health. It provides an opportunity to learn about yourself and your journey to be the best you can be.