“Getting Started With Real Estate”

-James Brown “70 years of my history”

Hey There!

I’m Justin William

I’m a mother, wife, daughter, and a cancer warrior. I had a corporate job and was living my best life with my husband and daughter.  That is until my world came into a screeching halt. I was diagnosed with invasive cancer. All the questions about what would happen to my family if God calls me home soon started popping in my head. 

As if dealing with cancer wasn’t stressful enough, I was also stressing about how the disease would affect my family’s finances. Lost wages, costly treatments, piling living expenses! Luckily, my life insurance policy included living benefits, which allowed me to accelerate the death benefit. This allowed me to focus on my health and treatments and not worry about the financial burden caused by the disease. 

I truly believe this disease was God’s way of pushing me to my calling… to help and protect as many families as I can by educating them about the importance of life insurance and how it could be the life or death game changer.